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Flowers for New Mums

Flowers will forever be a way to celebrate joyous, happy events, and what is more joyful than the birth of a healthy newborn? When choosing flowers for a new mum (or a ‘mum round 2’!) there are a few different ways you can go about it!

Firstly, colours! One of a flower’s bestest features is the eye-catching colours that can set the mood and the tone of any space they’re in. Bursts of colour capture a baby’s attention and can spark their development of learning about the world around them!

Yellow flowers are a fantastic choice for a newborn as they elicit feelings of hope, growth, new life and rebirth! It’s the colour of spring, and as we know – spring is the month of all of these things! Yellow blooms are a brilliant gender neutral colour too, so it works for every newborn regardless of their gender!

Depending on the season, daffodils, sunflowers, yellow tulips or the forever faithful yellow rose is the way to go. Yellow represents happiness, joy and friendship – all things we want for the new littlies!

Blue flowers have long been a symbol of peace and tranquillity. Opting for blue blooms is an extra thoughtful gift after a more difficult birth as they also represent prosperity and immortality – maybe a slightly subtle message of hope for the healing of mum and baby. The colour blue is the traditional colour for new born boys, so flowers such as freesias, delphiniums and irises are great choices!

Pink! Bright, cheerful and delicate pink flowers are a representation of unconditional love, gentleness and femininity. Traditionally gifted to celebrate new girls, pink blooms are typically available year-round and can make everyone smile! Pink roses, tulips and carnations are all great options as they are delicately sweet without being too overwhelming.

Flower type is the other direction you could take to choosing flowers to celebrate a newborn. Just how there are birth-month stones, there are also birth-month flowers! Before we get into it though, it is worth noting that this was developed in the northern hemisphere where the seasons are the opposite! So it may be a wee bit of a struggle to find the exact ones you’re after if you happen to be in the southern hemisphere like us! Regardless, choosing a month-specific flower for the newborn is a beautiful way to add a special little spark to your gift!

At the end of the day, even just the mere presence of flowers in one’s space, along with the act of gifting flowers can elevate moods and make people feel more positive – so don’t get too hung up on which blooms to choose as you can’t really go wrong!

Fathers Day Special, 10% discount off all hampers till Sunday 4 September