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Top Love Flowers That Aren’t Roses

Saying ‘I love you’ with flowers is one of the most beautiful ways we can let our loved ones know we are thinking of them! Roses are a timeless symbol of love but they can be a bit overdone and over used – so what other flowers send a similar message? What about flowers for telling your family or your friends that you love them?

Tulips are another timeless flower that represent true love. Their lazy elegance and vibrant colours lean into love and beauty. Tulips are typically available year around – just like roses – so are a brilliant substitute! As always red is the obvious colour choice for portraying love, romance and passion, so make sure you have some of those in your next bouquet!

Carnations, delicate and intricate in their petals, symbolise distinction and strength. Equally, they can also represent tenderness and fondness – making these blooms the perfect gifts for the strong women in our lives. Paler shades send messages of admiration while the darker shades represent a deeper love. As with most colours – the darker the shade the more intense the emotions that they elicit! But when it comes to white – the pureness is represented too so can be a good option for your life partners as well!

Similarly to carnations, peonies are delicately beautiful symbols for prosperity and romance! You might recognise these from weddings as they are well wishers of good fortune and longevity for love. Typically more of a romantic love flower – but don’t let that stop you gifting them to your friends and family!

Sophisticated and elegant, orchids are symbolic of pure affection and adoration. Sometimes thought to be ‘the aphrodisiac of flowers’ these are the perfect blooms to have around on date night! While white orchids can be associated with fertility, colourful ones stand for strength, luxury and beauty.

Lilacs are the perfect flowers for the beginning of a relationship. They represent new love and infatuation, their budding simplicity bringing about feelings of newness and love. They’re a great honeymoon flower, or for a remembrance of the honeymoon days when the fireworks were sparkling! Lighter shades are more closely linked to the youthfulness while the darker colours, again, reflect a deeper love.

Finally, my personal favourite – sunflowers! The joyfulness they exude can be strongly linked to longevity, loyalty and adoration. Arguably key pillars in any type of relationship! There is an unbeatable joy that comes from being around sunflowers, so if you have people you love who make you feel joyful – why not show them that with these big beautiful blooms!

At the end of the day, a gifting of flowers will always say ‘I love you’, so don’t overthink it and gift the flowers that you think they will love the most!

Fathers Day Special, 10% discount off all hampers till Sunday 4 September