Flow tells the ancient legend of a school of Koi who swam upstream the Yellow River in China. After hundreds of years one Koi finally succeeded reaching the top of the waterfall. The gods admired his perseverance and turned it into a golden dragon, the symbol of power and strength. Team with a stunning bespoke floral bouquet for the WOW factor

This is an extra large piece and is made of blue and gold  mirror acrylic.

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Please be aware that acrylic is similar to ceramic and glass and therefor may be damaged if dropped or knocked.  To avoid scratches on your earrings, make sure to store them in your TWW pouch when not wearing. Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water and excessive sunlight. Store safely and wipe with a jewellery cloth if dirty.

This image is a guide only. Due to our pieces being uniquely handcrafted in our studio and the variations in material, each of the designs will be unique. Colours may appear slightly different due to the lighting and photography although we endeavour to accurately showcase the product in every possible way.