4 Reasons to have flowers in your home this winter

With the winter months in full swing, we’re all in need of as many little “pick-me-ups” as we can get! Flowers are just the thing! With their undemanding presence and beauty, having a few fresh cuts around the home can increase mood, productivity, and energy and even keep the winter colds at bay!

Here are my favourite reasons for surrounding myself with fresh flowers in winter!

1: Improve your Mood!

Flowers take nothing and give everything they have! Having flowers in your living spaces has been scientifically proven to boost your mood. Quite simply, flowers look nice and smell good – which subtly activates the senses in a positive way, leaving you feeling much more optimistic for the day!

If you have ever grown or kept flowers/plants before, then you know that they do require some attention. But that is just another benefit of them! As humans, we gain fulfilment and satisfaction from nurturing and a bouquet of flowers is the optimal thing with minimal effort and high reward!

Protip – Put some flowers in your kitchen or right by your morning coffee spot to reap those mood-boosting benefits first thing in the day!


2: Promotes Productivity!

With so many of us working from home these days, in areas filled with distractions, it can be really difficult to knuckle down into a productive workflow zone.

The solution? Flowers! Creative performance and problem-solving skills can be improved overall simply by placing some flowers on your desk. It is well known that flowers oxygenate the air so by having some nearby while your brain is working hard – the fresh oxygen increases mental clarity and concentration. This is particularly helpful on those freezing and rainy days where having the windows open just isn’t an option.


3: Encourages Energy Levels!

Did you know that different colours and aromas of the flowers in your space can cultivate different feelings and energies? For example, if you have bright and vibrant colours surrounding you, you’re much more likely to feel energised. Better yet, it’s typically positive energy that people feel and that in turn helps to create a more positive outlook on their days.

Alternatively, having softer and more subtle coloured flowers, can create a much more calming and peaceful atmosphere. When we are feeling calm, we have more mental clarity to make decisions while also being able to relax more wholly. Having light-coloured flowers on your dinner table can help you to unwind from the day and promote better sleep.


4: Nurtures your health!

We’re all at risk of catching those niggly winter colds, so why not strengthen our immunity in any way that we can? As mentioned above, flowers oxygenate the air, but they can also help to keep it clean! Flowers add moisture to the air and when we’re in a season of dry skin, coughs and throats, the presence of plants is key! This way, there is a reduced chance of infections breeding in the air, so us and our families can stay healthier for longer!

Additionally, have you ever wondered why we give flowers to people who are ill? Because it actually helps! Their presence improves mood, energy levels and the air surrounding them which are all essential factors in healing. It’s been reported that patients surrounded with flowers typically heal faster than those who aren’t.


The power of flowers is endless, there are so many reasons to have flowers in your space and sometimes we forget that we can still have them in winter too! But with so many positive reasons to be around flowers, why would you not give it a try! Don’t just take my word for it, experience it for yourself and get a bouquet today!